Active Isolated Stretching

Genevieve received her training from founder, Aaron Mattes, in Active Isolated Stretching in April of 2015. She has incorporated muscle and fascia release in her pilates program because of the importance of releasing and stretching the muscles for optimal health and well-being. Genevieve believes that we store many of our emotions in our bodies. By releasing the muscles and the connective tissue, you open a doorway to releasing old emotions and patterns. This approach is wholly therapeutic for the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical bodies. Genevieve believes in the combination of muscle release and strengthening to keep the body supple, free of injury and tension, and expanding with ever-increasing light. To schedule a stretching session with Genevieve, please email or call 205-440-1001. One hour sessions are $90. To learn more about active isolated stretching, please visit