love pilates birminghamCelebrate Valentine’s Day with us!

Sunday, 2/14, 11am
Bring your honey or your special someone for free!
55 min of mat work with candlelight
followed by 15 minutes of relaxing sound therapy with singing bowls, essential oils, and guided imagery

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Pilates Mat w/Genevieve
Sundays 11am

*Remember if you are taking reformer at least once a week, you can drop in group classes for $15!

Genevieve is taking privates!

2-3 times a week!
“It’s kind of funny that I am giving my own testimonial, but I just have to share the news! It is so easy to teach all day and not give back to myself. I know I need the pilates in my body just the way our clients do. I finally asked for help and Stacey Jernigan agreed to take me on as a client! In just two sessions, I already notice I am walking differently, I feel my center of gravity better with more mobility, and I am feeling less tension in my muscles. Her combination of release and strengthening work has really helped improve the quality of my life! I look at my privates now like they are my sacred time reserved just for me to nourish and give back to me! I realize that having a private is the most loving thing I can do for myself. I feel so pampered and loved when someone else is watching me and correcting my form. The self-love I have received from committing to these privates is priceless, and I wish the same for each and every one of you, members and family of studioG!” – Genevieve W.
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