Genevieve Ward Stewart

Genevieve is the owner of studioGpilates and has been practicing pilates for seven years and teaching since 2010. Practicing what she teaches and preaches, Genevieve does pilates regularly and is always adding new exercises and elements in her classes to keep clients challenged and focused. She received her first training in Power Pilates and two years later completed her PMA certification.  In 2013, she and fellow author, Julie Turner, co-wrote their own comprehensive training program called Principled Pilates Teacher Training.  This program is approved by the PMA and enables pilates professionals to teach in any state.  In 2015, Genevieve received her training in Active Isolated Stretching for muscle and fascia release.  She uses both muscle release and strengthening exercises in her work with clients.  Genevieve believes in keeping pilates fun, fresh, relevant, and powerful. Although pilates has many physical benefits, Genevieve says that her favorite part about pilates is the spiritual and emotional uplift she feels when she does a workout.  “Doing pilates is like pressing the reset button in life.  If you begin a workout feeling tired, weak, unfocused, at the end of a session, you feel invigorated, strong, and clear,” she said. Learning to “live from center” both on the mat and off has been her main focus as a teacher and a student of pilates.