Katelyn Stanier

Katelyn is a Georgia native who made her way to Alabama via Samford University where she was a member of the Women’s Golf team. Coming from a gymnastics background, Katelyn joined the Studio G team in 2012 and has trained through Power Pilates, Booty Barre, and Principled Pilates comprehensive training program. Katelyn instructs mat, barre, aerial, and equipment classes.  Still making time for the golf course, she is passionate about the connection pilates has with our everyday hobbies, especially how it can improve our experience, ability, and enjoyment of them.  She discovered Pilates about 3 1/2 years ago when she was seeking wellness and balance for her life.  Pilates is something she believes everyone could benefit from taking on a regular basis.  Katelyn has a background in healthcare as an occupational therapist, and she knows the importance of mindfulness, breath work, joint integrity and core strength.  She loves teaching people who are also on their wellness journeys and who are willing to come in and give themselves an hour of rejuvenation that they so deserve.